Bandai Capsule Station

Bandai Capsule Station are also known as Gashapon or Gatchapon machines. They are similar to those coin-operated machines that sell gumballs.


Instead of those prehistoric candy machines, these machines contain toys that range from popular characters like Hello Kitty to Super Mario. Depending on the Gashapon machine, the prizes may be stickers, phone charms, or mini figurines.

These are blind prizes meaning  you may get the item you want by chance. You probably have better odds in Vegas but this is a more PG rated version of gambling for any age, kids or adults.



I love these machines and had to purchase it the moment I saw it.

I actually purchased this at a Japanese bookstore called Bookoff in Costa Mesa. They had it on sale for $10. What a steal!

As I was holding the box in my hands, next thing you know, it was in my trunk and on its way to a permanent home.



You can put whatever you like in place of the capsules as a decoration piece.

My little buddy hanging out in the machine. It’s his special place.



If you have more than one, try stacking them on top of each other.




The instructions are in Japanese but I think I can figure it out myself with the power of Google translator.



So if you happen to run into one of these Gashapon machines, don’t pass it up. You might want to start your own Gashapon business someday.

Oh Bandai, you’re the coolest!

They have toys and figures which includes characters like Doraemon and Godzilla!

Stay tune for my post on Doraemon the robotic cat and the infamous Godzilla.