Ole! Spain Delishop

Ole Spain Delishop
136 W MacArthur Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA. 92707
Phone: (714) 966-1087


Ole is off of MacCarthur just before the 55 fwy. You could easily drive by and miss it. I remember driving by the place many times and always thinking the same thing, oh there’s a delishop, maybe I should try it next time. But then I would forget about it each time.

This time I was with Mr. J and we were around that area so we decided to drop by Ole for a quick bite to eat.
During the weekdays that have a lunch special, we wanted that but we came here on a Saturday, missed it by a day.
But they offer a bocatas (sandwich) combo which is a 6 inch sandwich with two sides. We ordered two of the combos to share.

I got the Mandrilla bocata with grandma’s pasta and flan for dessert.
The Mandrilla bocata had calamari with lime and mayonnaise.
It was really good but the calamari was a little hard to eat in the sandwich and I wish the calamari was a litte bit more crispier.

Mandrilla Bocata

Potato Chorizo Soup and Grandma’s Pasta

I love grandma’s pasta, it is elbow pasta with tomato sauce, chorizo, and bread crumbs. So delicious!
I don’t particularly like flan but one of the staff says the women love sweets and suggested I get Flan, so I did.

The flan was good but next time I just want two sides of grandma’s pasta.


Mr. J got the Flamenca bocata with a side of salad and chorizo potato soup.
The Flamenca bocata has chorizo, manchego cheese and a spicy red sauce.

Mr. J and I are sharing half of our bocatas. Mandrilla and Flamenca

Side Salad

We also ordered a chorizo, pesto, and manchego cheese Empanada.


The deli also carries specialty meats and cheese they use for their menu. They also sell specialty olive oils. I couldn’t take any pictures of the store because there was a soccer game going on didn’t want to disrupt.

I think this is a neat little place to visit for a bite to eat or some small shopping.

  • I have never heard of this place. The only Spanish restaurant I’ve been to was in Baltimore and is a Tapas (small plates) restaurant.

    Never imagined calamari would be in a sandwich but the pic making me drool! I’m usually not a flan fan either but I’ll have it once in a while.

    Everything just looks so yummy!