Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With the new TMNT movie recently released in theaters, I thought it would be a perfect time to write about my TMNT stuff.

The TMNT originated from Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird imagination. Initally they had created the TMNT to be one-shot paraody but it grew in popularity and then came the animated series, NES game, and live movies.


The turtles I grew up with is the cutesy “cowabunga” saying, pizza loving ninjas.
The discovery of where the TMNT originated from only made me appreciate them even more.

Alas, my obsession.
It began when I was 5, so in the early 90’s.
I felt I connect with them. I love pizza, and they love pizza.
I always wanted to be a turtle with ninja skills, and they were turtles that mastered ninjitsu.

I had to have everything “Ninja Turtles”.
I had all turtle room essentials bed sheets, pillows, comforter, and sleeping bag.
A ralph plushie, sweaters, and parties themed TMNT.

birthday party
TMNT Party Hats and received a TMNT pink sweater for birthday present

I went on a Cookie Crisps cereal rampage just so I can collect some turtle freebies with each cereal box purchase.
Cookie Crisps at one time had a turtle promotion. Each box was equipped with a turtle cereal bowl.
“Collect All Four”
I got all four plus an extra Ralph.
I would’ve still had them in my collection if it weren’t for my mom. One of my cousins wanted a cereal bowl and I told my mom she can give away the extra “red one”.
Guess what she did! She misheard me and gave away my entire collection but kept only the Ralph.

Pure Devastation, till this day I have not forgiven her for that incident. All my morning cookie cereal eating hard work wasted.

Turtle power!

suitcaseViacomm TMNT Suitcase circa 1989

I had this when I was a young traveler. I don’t actually remember if I’ve ever used it to travel but either way it is awesome.
I can’t believe I still kept it for this long. I would have to say this is in fair condition even though one of the zippers aren’t working.
Why fair? Well, because it survived through almost 20 years in my hands.
I still use it occasionally for a small 3-day vacation trips where I don’t need to pack much, just the essentials.
I wish I can find more excuses to use it.

Buddy Backpack


Hot topic carried these a while ago. I happen to pick it up when it was on clearance.
I don’t quite remember the clearance price but I know it was less than $10. I have yet to use it because it can’t hold very much stuff. Possibly one or two items, I was only able to fit my wallet and phone.
Even though I don’t have much use for it, Mikey was cute, so I had to purchase it.


TMNT Dream Lites by pillow pets


dream lites

Lite up the night with your very own ninja turtles.
Mr. J surprised me with a Michaelangelo pillow pet Dream lite.
Everytime I see these in stores like Target I have to hug it and pet it.
They have the whole gang, I wish they would make a Splinter one! I would totally get it too! A limited edition Dream lite Master Splinter.
I just gave you a brilliant idea Pillow Pets Company!
I’ve been wanting Mikey for some time now but the price tag is a bit steep for a nightlight-pillow combo.
But getting it as a gift even better! Mr. J gets awesome sauce points!

The dream lite runs on 3 AAA batteries. It does not come with batteries you must provide your own.
It has 4 different settings and three different colors.
The first setting is set to rotate between all three colors, orange/yellow, green, and blue.
The rest of settings go through the colors individually. Second setting is just orange, third is green, and fourth is blue.


There is also a flip switch underneath where you install the batteries to set the timer on or off.
The timer will automatically turn the turtle dream lite off for you but I am not sure how long it goes on for since I would’ve already fallen asleep.
I love how it slightly lights up my dark ceiling with stars and one TMNT face, it provides just enough soothing light so you can still easily fall asleep.

2014-08-06 22.21.12

I usually set it on the first setting where the colors rotate and change throughout.

Art Pieces

Roughly two weeks ago I was at Ross and found out they were carrying comic hero art pieces! I was so stoked when I saw these two. They had a random selection from store to store. Not only did I buy these I bought other ones too, but will talk about them later.

Right now it’s about the turtles. I have the Eastman and Laird’s Mikey and the Punk Band Battle Poster. These are some amazing pieces.
These will go well in your home or if you are lucky enough to have your own comic book store!





Usagi Yojimbo

I have to add Usagi Yojimbo or Miyamoto Usagi a creation by Stan Sakai to this post. He has made his appearance in the TMNT comic and as well as the animated TV series.
Usagi is a Ronin Samurai Rabbit. Usagi is usually paired up with Leonardo in the crossovers. Stan Sakai has admitted that Leonardo has been his favorite turtle.
When I was younger I used to have a Usagi Action figure.


Will I be going to watch the new 2014 TMNT reboot? I will have to honestly say no. I know the Jim Henson TMNT is cheesy looking back on it as an adult but I loved it and these new CGI version doesn’t quite grasp my attention the same. I will probably catch it when it gets on DVD and probably save my movie going for another time.
If you decide to go and see it drop me a line on your thoughts.

Signing off with a “Cowabunga”

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