Beer Me, Costco!

Oh Costco  how can you make me love you more? Ah by carrying craft beers!

Yes, Costco has a decent selection of craft beers in stock, not as fully loaded like Total wine.

Costco carries beers from Stone Brewery, Hangar 24, The Lost Abby, Angry Orchard, and Rogue.



My guess is their selection changes frequently since it depends on the shipment and if they run out of it then…let me put it nicely

“Holy Cheez-its! You’re out of luck”.

Here are some beers they carried.

Stone Anniversary 18 IPA




Yule Smith Summer Holiday Ale

Ale smith


Angry Orchard Ice Man “Gluten Free” Hard Cider


A few months back, Costco was carrying Stone Farking Wheaton w00tStout. A very intense ale brewed with pecans, wheat, rye, and aged in bourbon barrels. The w00tStout was really hard to find even at Total Wine. It was the nerd of all stouts and when I saw it at Costco, I was a bit startled.

The two I picked up this past weekend are Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale and Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar.


Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale brewed by Uinta Brewing. Costco has it priced at $11.59. I’ve only had a few different brands of pumpkin beers in my life but this one has to be the most unique. This pumpkin ale is brewed in oak barrels, which gave it a dark smokey flavor. It also has alot of spices to give it that pumpkin spice kick. I think it is a very interesting pumpkin ale to try but I am not quite sure if I am in love with it just yet.



Hazelnut Brown Nectar is brewed by Rogue Brewery.  The brown ale has a very sweet hazelnut smell and a rich brown color to it. The taste was sweet with nutty and malty notes. I really liked this brown ale! It didn’t have a deep taste like some of the brown ales I’ve had. (“Pizza Port-Board Meeting Brown” which is very good also)



I would purchase the Hazelnut Brown Nectar again but skip on the pumpkin ale, it was a bit different for me. I wanted to try Stone’s Anniversary 18 IPA but was a goober and put it back on the rack. Maybe next time. Whenever you are at Costco and are of LEGAL drinking age (21 or older) check out some of the brews they carry. If you have any suggestions on what beer I should try drop me a line. Til next time my friends.

Stay Frosty!