Blackbird Café

Blackbird Café
3405 Orange Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 490-2473


So it all started out like this on a Monday morning during labor day weekend.  Mr. J and I were actually going to eat at a restaurant called Blackbear Diner. When we arrived at Blackbear, the hostess told us that the estimated waiting time for two people was going to be forty minutes. Factoring in how hungry we were, Mr. J didn’t want to wait that long and so we started googling and yelping nearby places.

Yelp showed a place called Blackbird Café which was only about six minutes away. We took a few minutes to check out the Yelpers photos of the food served at this café  and saw the peanut butter and honey pancakes. We were sold and jetted off to Blackbird.

As we approached Blackbird, there were several groups of people waiting to be seated, scattered around in front of the café.
Mr. J took a glance at them and said, “I guess we should’ve waited at Blackbear instead.

I told him it was okay and that it was a push for us to try a new place together. I’ve been to Blackbear before in Arizona, Las Vegas, and also the Gilroy location.

The host at Blackbird told us the wait for two people would be 20 minutes, which kind of came out to be the same as the waiting time at Blackbear.

Blackbird is located in the historic district known as Cal Heights. It is also next to a vintage/antiques bontique. I don’t remember the name but we killed some time browsing the store.

From the outside of the café, it looks small and doesn’t seem to be able to seat alot of people but once you are inside there is a long bar counter and two dining room areas.

The café is only open for Breakfast and lunch.

Monday-Sunday 7:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M


There were a few featured items on the walls but I was more interested in the Eggs Benedict section of the Breakfast Menu.


I saw a few yelpers rave about the Eggs Neptune and the Dos Caballero, so we decided to go for it. Mr. J ordered the Eggs Neptune with a side of hashbrowns and I ordered the Dos Caballeros with a side of hashbrowns.

With your Benedicts, you can chose from fresh fruit, hashbrowns, green salad or low fat cottage cheese.

For our dessert, we ordered the Peanut Buttah and Hunny Pancakes.


As for drinks, we ordered the Cinnawhip Coffee.The waitress brought out our Cinnawhip coffees and they look amazing.


The first sip I took was “Oh my gravy, delicious.” It had the perfect subtle sweetness that does not overpower or mask the coffee. The Cinnawhip coffee, is a good ol’ cuppa Joe topped with a heaping scoop full of this delicious thick whipped cream infused with cinnamon.


Our coffee cups were half empty and our food has arrived!

The Eggs Neptune Layers from bottom to top: English muffins, spinach, tomatoes, shrimp, hollandaise, and avocados.

Eggs Neptune

The Dos Caballeros Layers from bottom to top: Sopes, ham and chorizo, tomatoes, cilantro, poached eggs, and avocados.

Dos Caballeros


Inside the Caballeros

We were so stuffed but we still tried to tackle the Peanut Buttah and Hunny.



All the items we ordered were so delicious. Of course we couldn’t finish the pancakes but we took it home to eat later with some ice cream. I would definitely go back to try some popular items off of their menu or maybe one of the specials.

If ever you are nearby the area, you must try! I can assure you it is worth the wait.


  • Omg the food looks great! And that dreamy Cinnawhip coffee!!

    • Ro

      The Cinnawhip is so amazing! The gems we live around. I want to try other breakfast plates next time I go back.