Blendy Stick Matcha Au Lait

Blendy Stick Matcha Au Lait is an instant prepackaged Matcha green tea latte (green tea with milk).

These can be purchased through your local Japanese supermarket or specialty stores such as Marukai or Mitsuwa. Unless you have awesome friends that purchase it for you and you don’t need to go anywhere.

Inside the Blendy Stick Matcha box contains 7 individual packages.


The individual packages are neat you can throw them in your purse, bag, car, or desk drawer and it is ready for you whenever you have a cup handy and hot water nearby.


Side Box Details in Japanese. Sorry I cannot translate.



So the instructions says (looking at the illustrations) to empty contents into cup. Add in 180 ml (6 fl oz) of hot water into cup. Mix and enjoy your beverage on a rickshaw.  I didn’t have a rickshaw around me so I just had to enjoy my beverage on a boring old chair. Maybe next time :3.

beforepowder in cup


I actually diluted mine. I didn’t measure the water properly. I was guesstimating and poured too much, oh wells I got 6 more packages to go crazy with.

The tea does give off a Matcha Tea smell. Even though I diluted it, the taste was pretty good. Not exactly like a Matcha latte bought at a tea shop or anything but something to satisfy your small cravings.

You can definitely enjoy this on a cold day or hot day whichever you prefer. This is perfect for me when I am jonesing for some Matcha Latte or when my office feels like a meat freezer (it warms me up).

I definitely enjoyed this insta-drink and will be purchasing other flavors by this brand. So if you happen to come across it, give it a try and let me know what you think!



  • That’s what I need when I have the occasional matcha cravings from Starbucks. I bought another brand from the Korean market a while back and tasted a bit diluted. But I still enjoyed it.

    • Ro

      I love the Matcha at Starbucks and Coffee bean is okay too. I usually ask for one less pump of simple syrup at Starbucks I don’t like it too sweet. You need to try café brown, it is located on Brookhurst and Orangethrope. They have sweet potato latte, pumpkin latte, and Pistachio latte. The sweet potato may be weird because he has chunks of yams in it. :3