Califia Farms XX Espresso Iced Coffee

I was really excited to find that Califia Farms had iced coffee products. XX Espresso Iced Coffee is cold brewed using Rainforest Alliance Cerfitied coffee beans.

Cold brewing is the proces of brewing coffee in cold or room temperature water.  It extracts the flavors from the coffee beans that regular brewing masks. Cold brewing removes the acidic and bitter notes while leaving only the nutty and sweet flavors.


The iced coffee is soy-free and dairy-free since it is made with almond milk. I purchased mine from Fresh & Easy for $1.79 for a 10.5 oz of iced coffee. Fresh & Easy also carried Café Latte, Double Espresso, and Mocha in 48 fl oz. In the 10.5 fl oz, they only carried the Cocoa Noir and XX Espresso.

Even though the XX Espresso contained pure cane sugar, the sweetness was barely noticeable. The almond milk did not dilute the strong coffee taste either. The iced coffee is refrigerated but I enjoyed it on the rocks.


On the Califia Farms FAQs page it also says that the iced coffee was made to be able to enjoy it iced or with a bit of heat. So try heating it up a bit. I really liked the XX Espresso, I am looking forward to trying the other flavors Califia Farms carries and also going to try it hot next time.

  • Price isn’t bad and I like how it’s not too sweet. I don’t like it when drinks are too sweet.

    I never imagined having it hot. I’ll have to try that once it’s winter. But right now, it’s just way too hot 🙁