The Kush Bowl

The Kush Bowl

5890 Lincoln Ave
Cypress, CA 90630

(714) 821-1347


Mr. J and I went to lunch here once a while back. I had to write about it because The Kush Bowl is located inside a car wash place.

There are some seating arrangements in the auto spa place but not enough to seat a big group during lunch hours. The parking was okay it just seemed a little awkward for us to be eating inside a car washing place without getting our car washed.

Mr. J ordered the Bubba Kush Kabobs and I ordered the Wake n’ Bake with hot links.

Bubba Kush Kabobs

Wake N’ Bake with Hot Links

The Bubba Kabobs has three shrimp kabobs and served on top of a bed of fried rice. The Wake N’ Bake Hot Links has fried rice with two fried eggs on top and one cut hot link. The food was good and reasonably priced. I think next time we stop by we should eat while we wait for our car to be cleaned :3.

  • Wow that’s interesting it’s inside a car wash place. The food presentation is really fancy. I would’ve thought this was at a trendy restaurant!

    Haha yeah next time wait for your car to get washed and eat at the same time!

  • Ro

    @Foodwanderer I know the presentation looks nice but it is very funny where they are located at but hey if they serve food that is good I guess it doesn’t matter where they are located at. 🙂