Return of the Ro

Hi Friends,

It seems eons ago since my last post. Things happened, changes happened, wish it didn’t, but life doesn’t always go how you plan or have in mind. Did you get your very own Tardis? Oh man, I wish I did, among other things.  No, unfortunately, something happened and it changed my life completely. It will be different from here on out. But that is life. No matter what happens, life continues on and we continue on. Isn’t that what makes us stronger? Isn’t that what makes us who we are? Doesn’t that define us as human beings? Yes, it does. The challenges you overcome and the paths you take, define who you are. That’s what makes us different , makes each one of us unique.

So this the Return of the Ro. I will be posting again, whether you like it or not! It is my density, I mean destiny!



  • um

    ¶:3 Welcome back!

    • Ro

      Thank you!!!