Urban Cactus

Urban Cactus

3070 W. Chapman Ave. Suite C
Orange CA, 92868
(714) 978-3000

urban cactus map

Mr. J and I were actually on our way to go to a different mexican restaurant but decided to go here instead since we were stuck in traffic and I was hungry. Mr. J knows when I am hungry, I release my inner hulkling, so we went to the closest mexican restaurant to us off of Yelp to avoid any uncontrollable smashings.

Urban Cactus is in this newly developed small strip mall (Jack in the box in the corner) next to Waba Grill. I should’ve taken pictures of the interior but my brain wasn’t really registering “oh take pictures”, it was registering more like “Can you please eat already so I can function and so your stomach can stop complaining?”.

So let me describe the interior. Mr. J says it reminds him of Chipotle, in my opinion it does but with more of a trendier design. They decked the walls with mason jar plant pots and pictures on wooden boards. There is plenty of seating in the restaurant, but if they do get a lunch time crowd, waiting for a seat would be required.

Mr. J ordered a burrito with Bison Picadillo with the red salsa. The Urban Cactus burrito consists of organic flour tortilla stuffed with cilantro-poblano rice, pinto beans, organic romaine lettuce and the main attraction Biso Picadillo (Ground natural bison simmered in tomato sauce with organic carrots, potatoes and sweet peas).
Mr. J thought the the burrito could have used a bit more bison but it was good.


I ordered three tacos, all three are served on gluten free organic corn tortillas:

The Rajas con queso which was roasted poblano peppers and onions topped with Mexican crema and melted mozzarella cheese.

The Beef Barbacoa (shredded beef cooked with chiles) topped with cilantro and onions.

The Bison picadillo (you can see the meat mixture instead of in the burrito).


The salsa trio they gave us to use on our dishes:

Red Salsa (tomato and chile de arbol).
Tomatillo sauce, I call it the green salsa (roasted tomatillo, serrano peppers and cilantro).
Spicy chipotle crema (mexican crema, chipotle adobo and spices).


The rajas con queso taco was interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything similar to this before.
Truthfully, I was expecting more and it turned out to be okay. I think it was more on the bland side. What made up for the bland taste is the chipotle crema salsa. That added an explosion of flavor to an okay taco.

The Bison picadillo was good, but not a whole lot of flavor coming from this meat mixture either. I had to top it with Green and chipotle salsa.

Out of the three tacos I’ve tried, the best is beef barbacoa.Their beef barbacoa had so much flavor. You can eat this stand alone, the only toppings necessary were cilantro and onions. It packed a punch of flavor, so much flavor it left bruises. I had Mr. J take a bite of my beef barbacoa taco and he was blown away. He said next time if we go here again I am definitely going to get a burrito with the beef barbacoa.
I think I will too.