3-day Zombie Survival Kit

Zombies ate your neighbor and now they are coming for you. What do you do? Are you prepared for the zombie Apocalypse?

Do you often times worry that someday the reanimated dead are coming back to feast on your brain? If so, maybe you should consider buying this 3-day Zombie Survival Kit.


He is a Yeti not a zombie, don’t mind the sharp teeth.


I received this as a gift from Mr. J. He wants me to be prepared in case of a zombie apocalypse (walking dead got him thinking).

After reviewing this Zombie Solutions Box, it is a good starter kit for those who are unsure of what to buy to start their bug out bag (like me I didn’t know what to get first!).

This has good basic items for what you will need to survive the zombie apocalypse or any other emergencies that may arise. (By the way it is a one person kit.)

It also comes with some helpful tips.





It comes with one para cord bracelet with emergency whistle attached.


Check out my bracelet model.


Looking sharp. 🙂


The bracelet is made of a 10 feet nylon cord that can be unwound to be used in many survival situations such as:

First Aid (creating a tourniquet or a Sling/Split)

Hunting (snares and traps, weave to make fishing net)

Shelter (can be used with tarp and tied to trees to make a simple tent)

Fire Starting (You can use cord with some tree branches to make a fire bow to start a fire).

One emergency hammer for all your glass shattering needs. The emergency hammer also has a built in Seat belt cutting tool.


Why would you need that? Well imagine a horde of zombies surrounding your car, while trying to get away you crash your car. Seat belt won’t come undone, you are stuck, what would you use? The attached seat belt cutter on your emergency hammer of course! Finally freeing yourself, you then use the hammer to break the window and then escaping from the horde of very hungry zombies.  Comes in handy once you think about it, eh?

One basic small first aid kit with: 7 bandages, 2 gauze pads, 2 alcohol prep pads, 2 wet naps, 1 triple antibiotic ointment.


One reflective, waterproof mylar emergency blanket.


One box of waterproof matches and 3 light sticks/glow sticks with lanyard and hooks. (Light sticks should last up to 12 hours, as directed on package).



Six retort pouches that holds 4.2 fl. oz of water each. These pouches can be stored for a minimum of five years.


One energy bar (storage life is 5-7 years). This bar is said to provide 3 days worth of food. Bar is supposed to have nine calorie portions.



One may argue that this is child’s play but to someone who is new to “survival kits” this has all the basic items one needs to build off from.

Honestly, it is a great gift for a beginner survivalist or a gag gift for a zombie apocalypse fanatic.

Keep on surviving friends!

  • Haha that is so cool! The box looks light child’s play but I’m amazed of all the legit survival items.