Adventure Time Munchkin

What time is it?

Adventure Time Munchkin!

One of the presents I received this Christmas is the Adventure Time Munchkin from Mr. J. If you are familar with Munchkin this is the same layout but with the Adventure Time theme. Don’t worry it is just as fun. If you are not familar with Munchkin, I will give you an quick overview of how the game is played.

BMO Munchkin

What’s in the box?

1. Rule Book
2. Character Cards
3. Treasure Cards
4. Door Cards
5. six sided die with Jake’s face on it.



You will also need something to keep track of all the players levels. If you happen to have a level tracker on you, awesome. If not, don’t fret, anything else will do, coins, tokens, or some bacon pancakes.

Here, I made some clay tokens to keep track.


Compartments The cards are stored in these awesome compartments.

This game (along with other Munchkin) can be played with 3-6 players. The first player to reach level 10 will declare victory. In order to level up you must battle and defeat monsters.

Quick Overview (I won’t bore you with details, you will just have to play the game and read the rule book!):

Set up:
Let the players pick a character card blindly or you can let each player choose their own characters only if it does not break out in a fight.

Character Cards

Distribute 4 treasure cards and 4 door cards to each player. Then leave the treasure deck and door deck in the middle where it can be reached by all players.

BMO playing as BMO.

I am playing as Fionna (Level 1). Since I am equipped with a hat (+1 bonus) and Sword (+2 bonus) it allows me to defeat monsters up to level (3) .

You can either roll the die to see who can be the starting player or chose the player whose birthday is coming up (to be nice), then the player on the left goes and so forth.

The player goes through 4 phases:
1. Kick open the door. Flip the top card of the door deck. If it is a monster you must fight it or run away by rolling a 5 or 6 on the Jake die.


If you defeat the Monster, you get treasures. If you can’t defeat the monsters or flee then bad stuff happens (usually listed on the monster card). *If you and the monsters levels are tied (including all modifiers) you must roll the die to run away. Monsters always win ties!!

2.*If there isn’t a monster after you flipped the door card. You can go looking for trouble. Look for trouble is battling a monster card from the deck in your hand (don’t fight one that is way stronger than you).

3.*If you aren’t looking for trouble, you can loot the room by drawing another door card into your hand (do not show other players, it may be a card you can use against them).

4.Sucky phase (also known as charity). If you have more than 5 cards in your hand you must give the extra cards to the player with the lowest level. This ends the turn.

Each player goes through the 4 phases until someone reaches level 10. But don’t forget other players can make it hard for you to level up quickly by putting a curse on you or helping out a monster.

Curse Ally
You can also put curses on other players or if you *Kick open the door and receive a curse card it applies to you (the player who drew the card). You can also have ally cards to help you during your monster battle.

Ultimate Jerkface
You can be a jerkface and play a card that helps a monster gain bonuses and makes it harder for the other player to defeat it.

I think this is my all-time favorite Munchkin game because I’ve been on an adventure time kick for a while now.

The game references alot from the cartoon show and the art work is Oh My GLob same-zies like the show. This game is enjoyable for everyone not just Adventure Time nerds.

This game is awesome and has hotter lumps than Lumpy Space Princess! I would definitely recommend getting this to add to your Munchkin collection or just a newbie at Munchkin.

BMO plushy was a birthday gift from my friend Food Wanderer check out her blog!