Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani Charm Bracelets

I found out about these bracelets through my friend P, who has developed an obsession with them.
She admitted to having an addiction, “You just can’t wear one”.

What was the fuss about these bracelets?

I had to find out. What’s in the Alex and Ani Kool-Aid and why haven’t I taken a sip?

Nordstrom has them in stores but is very limited, they have a bigger selection on their site.

Bloomingdales also carries them and you can always find them on the Alex and Ani website.

Each bracelet comes with a card that tells you the meaning behind each charm.
The words are very simple but very powerful. Each bracelet just sends positive energy.

The Tree of Life
Means Home, Conservation, and Growth.

My good friend of 14 years Ms. J had a birthday in December and her daughter’s birthday is a day after hers.

As a gift to the both of them, I purchased the Best Friends charm in rafalian gold.
The card says the charm stands for loyalty, happiness, and infinity.


It also comes in silver.

Some bracelets are charity charm bracelets like the Cupcake one and it is for the Race to Erase MS foundation.
The charm stands for sweet, divine, and optimistic.

They also carry birthstones and other types of bangles too.

You can always wear multiple bracelets at a time and mix and match with other types of bracelets you have.
I love these bracelets because they are simple and very versatile.
You can pair these bracelets with casual attire or even with a fancy black dress.
I wore these bracelets to adorn an elegant black dress for a party and it looks great.

To sum it up, I really adore these bracelets and I will tell you why.

For the charity bracelets, 20% of every purchase will be given to that charity.
These bracelets are made from recyclable material and very versatile.
Every bracelet has simple positive words that can uplift the most grumpiest cat.

My friend P was right, these bracelets are addicting, not only do they carry positive energy but they also give back to charity.

These make thoughtful gifts to friends and family!

-Peace and Love Friends!