My List of 10 Things to Amuse Oneself with while at Work

Has the corporate zombie life got you down?

working zombie

Does this remind you of your boss?
(this really happened to me)

Do you sometimes want to do this to coworkers?
fireball to the gut

Well, this is what I go through every single day at the office. I just have to find a way to amuse and entertain myself while I work. In my opinion, anything is more amusing then paperwork right?
So why not try to brighten up your day at the office a little?

Here are 10 things to amuse oneself with while in the office:

1. Monster finger puppets.
Besides video games these were pretty entertaining as a kid. Who wouldn’t want monsters on their fingers? I am still pretty amused by these at this age, which probably says a lot about me, doesn’t it?
These were the ones I had as a kid.

2. Mini Sand Box Set
Who wouldn’t rather spend their time at the beach? I would definitely be more productive if I were outdoors.
No need to day dream about the beach when you can have your very own mini Zen beach sandbox.
Mini Beach Sand Box

Not a beach person? How about a day golfing?
Mini Golf Sand Box

3. Funky push pins
There are so many funny push pins out there, but here are some of my favorite ones.

Mustache Push Pins

Ninja Star Push Pins

4. USB Nerf Launcher
Set up a target some where in the office and see if you can hit it!

5. Complaint Sticky Notes

6. Make it Rain Confetti
Had a big accomplishment or achievement? Then you can make it rain with the money confetti!
I can imagine myself makin’ it rain during meetings woohoo! LOL (I don’t suggest you really do that during meetings unless it is a meeting about partying then go ahead)

7. Desktop Notepad catapult
This is pretty fun maybe battle your office neighbor?

8. USB Pet Rock

9. Desktop Aquarium

10. Grumpy cat office supplies
Grumpy cat is probably old news by now but I still find it very amusing. Just makes me laugh thinking about it.

Grumpy Cat in Space Mouse Pad

Grumpy Cat Mug

Grumpy Cat Landyard Plush

Do you have any suggestions for office entertainment? Feel free to leave a comment.


  • Haha I love your drawings! The first picture is definitely the story of my life and I can’t believe #3 really happened to you!

    Ah, desktop aquarium sounds like it would be relaxing to stare at…

    • Omg, I want all of these!

    • Ro

      Yes, #3 really happened!!!

      USB Nerf launcher is paper work deterrent, anyone who tries to give you more work will be annihilated. LOL