Hello and welcome friends.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. So let me tell you a little about myself. The name’s Ro and I love to eat.

This is me at age 7 eating my first bowl of Ramen.


Aww…such memories. You are thinking cute kid right?

So as a warning, expect to see lots of posts about food. That will make your mouth water and leave you hangry (anger cause by being hungry). Whether it is experiencing a new restaurant, trying out a recipe, or even developing my own.

Born in the 80’s. I’ve considered myself a lucky kid. I lived through the decade of coolness. I very much enjoyed my childhood. My best friend growing up was named Nintendo. Oh how my older brother and I would fight for Nintendo’s love.

We would often times argue over who gets to play with Nintendo first. After a while we learned to share. Well, only if it was a two player game. So the bickering didn’t stop and sharing wasn’t quite as easy as I thought.

You go through many best friends in your life. Nintendo and I moved in separate directions but I won’t forget him.

I guess my childhood never left me. I believe being a kid at heart leaves you feeling alive and young. You will never age a day in your life. So yes! Immortality!!!

Here’s a picture of a young me playing Donkey Kong.



Here’s me excited about my score.


With age I look completely different huh? Cuteness overload!

To sum it up. Yes, there will be posts relating to games, toys, and cuteness.

There will also be entries on things that don’t fit into any category but miscellaneous. You’re thinking why would I post them right? It probably radiated so much awesomeness which perked my curiosity, left me ┬ásleepless at night and daydreaming about it until I share them with someone. So Be prepared for some random uber cool posts!

Hope to see you again soon!



  • Great page! Keep it up :3

  • Paige

    Hi! I’ve actually been looking for this gashapon machine, by chance do you remember if the store had anymore? They’ve been discontinued so I haven’t seen any online.

    • Ro

      Hi Paige,

      Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I got the last one. It was at Bookoff in Costa Mesa, CA. I know there are some online with different prices. Do you have any anime stores nearby? I got a gatchapon Doraemon mini machine at my local anime store called Anime King. I will write a review on that later.